• Elmono - Baton Rouge / Shadows On The Moon

Elmono - Baton Rouge / Shadows On The Moon

Cold Recordings

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Absolutely murky, anthemic dancefloor burning material straight from the underground, ready to bring the pressure to the dance, we are proud to one of a handful of shops able to offer this 12" to you.

After bringing you some of the most seminal underground bristol cuts via the Tectonic label, Pinch moves onwards via new scopes, presented in a chilly-looking shrink wrapped, die-cut sleeve with pantone flooded inner, designed by Studio Tape-Echo, this record looks and sounds as greezy as you'd expect it to.

Enough talking - read their official mission statement and turn up the sound:

"April 2013 marks the launch of a new imprint, headed up by Pinch: Cold Recordings is an outlet for new movements in the ever evolving UK hardcore-continuum - taking inspirational vibrations from a long standing heritage that ran through acid house, hardcore, jungle, UK garage, dubstep and beyond. Rhythm and mood prevail. The energy mutates into new forms once again.
Cold Recordings vinyl will appear in meticulously designed, quality sleeves, providing an immaculate aesthetic to match the musical ethos.
Our first release hosts newcomer Elmono with two circa-130bpm rhythms, ‘Baton Rouge’ and ‘Shadows On The Moon’. Introspective dancefloor cuts for restless minds.
Support vinyl, support the underground."

Don't sleep on this one, you may regret it!

Baton Rouge

Shadows On The Moon