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A quadruple serving of smashed, trashed and brutal hardware jams from the Italian duo on the ever excellent TTT.

‘Insatiable Desire’ will crush any sub-standard speaker box with it’s thumping kicks and redlining cymbal crashes while ‘Spaceman’ rolls out like an acid jam on Valium, deploying indecipherable vocals between warped string samples and weatherbeaten percussion - a proper highlight of the EP and worth the admission price alone.

The flip offers up the frenetic structures of ‘Thrill Seeker’, coming in like a more distorted take on the sounds coming out of the Lisbon underground and ending with the slo motion illbient jam of ‘Electric Cave’

The sleeve is a thing of beauty too, although that’s to be expected from any TTT record this one really stands out - a printed sleeve with neon orange screenprint over the top - pics just don’t do it justice and not only do you get a load of decent tracks you get something to stick on the wall as well - what’s not to like?

Insatiable Desire


Thrill Seeker

Electric Cave