Emil Keller Skousen & Christian Dugstad

Oblivion Dip

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Two pensive pieces of long-form field-recordings turned ferric-grade drone for the adventurous selector and record purveyor. Caked in greyscale tape-hiss and a suitable accompaniment to the cyber-apocalypse.

Each track unfolds over the course of a side, the clips are laughably inadequate, this is one of those releases best enjoyed in full, in a darkened room or staring out of the window, with or without herbal aid, depending on your preference...

Be warned though, these tracks command your listening attention both second to second and throughout their 15ish minute playtimes. Multiple listens will be essential to wrap you head around these in the manner that they deserve, but make for a rewarding experience when you finally do. Amazing stuff.

Backed and distributed by the Sex Tags / Fett crew, makes sense as it's outta Norway.