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As well as being the NW1 outpost of the venerable mental health charity, 
Mind In Camden is also the title of the first release from superlative London label Jolly Discs, which originally came out on tape in 2016, and now, finally, gets a 12” pressing. It's the solo project of label co-founder Guy Gormley (also one half of Special Occasion), the producer behind the majority of JD releases, and bears the unmistakeable hallmarks of his sound: playful and tactile and bright and exposed and more than a little bit blue. It’s dance music, albeit probably more suited to when you’re stuck on a bus daydreaming about dancing, rather than actually doing it. Dunno, haven’t heard it in a club - hopefully will now!

Splitting the difference between scruffy but relatively hard-edged house (‘Gemini Tribe’) and lush, lonerish DIY electronics with (like all the JD stuff) a perfectly-judged twee quotient, it has a fluency and freeness that makes it feel almost like it was played live, but paradoxically there’s an attention to detail which speaks of long red-eyed days and nights down the studio wormhole. The whole thing culminates in the fathoms-deep but perfectly slouchy see-you-on-Monday 10-min house epic ‘Dream Frequency’, mixed by Dancer (Rory who does the label with Guy), one of those tracks that you know will still be working it’s melancholic magic on you two, five, thirty years down the line. Edition of 300 with picture sleeve.


Keeping Dogs

Gemini Tribe

The Search