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endorphin - its got this vitality that sort of feels like it’s half real

Industrial Coast

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One half of the excellent Iceman Junglist Kru (RIP), coming at ya with the drone scapes this time, served on ltd edition tape via the enviably tireless DIY machine Industrial Coast, from up north -

"A 20-minute ambient radioplay set in the deepest recesses of a South Manchester winter 10 or so years ago.
A deep dive into the isolation, the darkness, and the thick fog, through all the estates from Lancashire Hill to Deneway Court. Three L.S. Lowry stick figures on the run from the every day, a huge viaduct cutting across the land and a lighthouse buried underneath, the destination they are trying to reach. Speak, memory.
Heavily inspired by NWW, The Shadow Ring, The Fall, two sides of pain-killer drones revisited and revised endlessly from endorphin, one half of 1-800-ICEMAN/Grimescapes."

As with all the Iceman stuff we've heard in this action-filled year-or-so from them, endorphin proves here, also in solo mode, that music can be made with definite soul, spontaneity and still be filled with plenty of sonic intrigue & detail, whilst still retaining a certain rawness and directness that many leave aside in their musical endeavours, in favour of following an already trodden path to perfection.

Looks like IC only have one left of these themselves, and we have inside info that we're the only shop with these, apart from our friends at Stellage in Russia - so if you're on this side of the river and like this stream of sound as much as we do - please do feel free to hit that button!

clear blue C20 tape with printed labels and J card.
w/ postcard in stringed envelope.

a deep dive into the isolation
in the darkness and thick fog
through all the estates

lonely northern hallucinations
the lighthouse that everyone missed