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Engvaal - En Utvilsom Makt

Sex Tags Amfibia

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Import from the darker depths of Moss -

It's true that English people talk about the weather a lot, and we also believe it could be true that the Norwegian winter, which has spectacularly little hours of sunlight, may well conjure some of the darkest, most seething creative impulses - such as Black Metal for instance.

Presented by Sotofett and Fettburger's ever-sure 'Sex Tags Amfibia' imprint, we are invited into the distressed, tortured, yet subtly slow and patiently alluring world of Engvaal.
Organ based, subtle and unorthodox, through six songs, reduced but condensed in sound, En Utvilsom Makt's production and soundscapes draw from mid to late 60s experimental recording and mixing, aiming to create a visual space and room within the music.

With a 1890's organ and a 45rpm 10" LP Engvaal defies the obtention of conventional Black Metal.

This is obviously not for everyone, but for those who find a way in, this is compelling and extraordinary music -
Sounds great at 45rpm as well as 33!

A1. Tvil Og Motstand
A2. Selvforgudelse
A3. Med Iver
B1. Den Dunkle Halvdel
B2. Det Ubevisste
B3. Infantile Illusjoner

Tvil Og Motstand

Selvforgudelse / Med Iver

Den Dunkle Halvdel

Det Ubevisste / Infantile Illusjoner