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Eomac - Bedouin Trax


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As social awareness and cultural sensitivity have begun to more pervasively enter the public consciousness in recent years, some musicians will at times find themselves at a cultural cross-roads particularly with regards to sampling and sample sources, and this is no bad thing; quite the opposite.

But what a weight that Irish producer Eomac must have felt when approached by Bedouin Records to create an album comprised of sounds sourced from the Arabic world by the label. The press release alludes to as much - Eomac emphasising the precautions he took to treat the source material with justice and care.

What a pay-off. Bedouin Trax is an absolutely blinder of an album. Pounding electronics and rhythms clash with those mysterious and magical snapshots of Arabic musical tradition, maintaining their essential qualities without ever resorting to lazy sampling techniques. Eomac instead chooses to imbue the sources with a new frame of reference, enveloping their inherent qualities in some of the most forward-thinking production out there at the moment.

Also of note is the astonishing variety of moods on show - Bedouin Trax takes constant left turns over the course of its run-time - doom-march techno makes way for ghostly, pensive ambience before switching straight back into a wildfire of percussion, all in the blink of an eye.

Veins of Broken UK Techno, Industrial and the straighter European variety rear their heads here, alongside more avant-garde approaches to production - if it sounds like there's a lot on offer here, there absolutely is - and while the sound of the record is immediately beguiling, Bedouin Trax really benefits from repeat listens to unlock its richness of detail and clarity of vision.

Stunning stuff.

1. "Entrance"
2. "Ascension"
Side 2
1. "Same Heart, Same Breath, Same Life, Same Death"
2. "Ritual"
3. "Prayer" (part 1)
Side 3
1. "Toward An Entity Of Oneness"
2. "Oasis"
Side 4
1. "Incantation"
2. "Gather To Move, Gather To Live, Gather To Be"
3. "Jani Mun"


Same Heart, Same Breath, Same Life, Same Death

Towards An Entity Of Oneness

Gather To Move, Gather To Live, Gather To Be