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Eomac returns to his semi-eponymous label with a spiritual successor to his previous label works as well as the startling Bedouin Trax LP from 2016.

Reconnect represents the breaking of ground for Eomac who, throughout his 8 year spell releasing records solo, has broadly worked within the rough confines of techno. Here instead we are presented with an increasingly unruly selection of uptempo rollers that touch on the groundbreaking experimental works of Autechre and Mark Fell through an aesthetic template influenced by "traditional Irish music, Haitian voodoo drumming, and the raw old-school jungle of Source Direct."

"From the cyclical, trance-inducing rhythms of ‘Ready to Die’ and the title track, to the intense screams of power and anguish in ‘Cry of the Planet’ and ‘Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness’, this is music that seeks to remove any masks and illusions and get to the heart of things. It seeks the essence.

Adopting a heavily sampled approach, ‘Reconnect’ uses Eomac’s own vocals and screams to express both the frustration and pain of living in our current society and also the longing for a freer, wilder mode of existence. These are combined with samples of traditional percussion instruments, in particular the Irish bodhrán, alongside microphone noise and rattling strings and wood to create an ageless dance music, modern and ancient, refined and raw, a cathartic dance in which to lose and find oneself, in which to become wild and free once again."

This isn't for those expecting an album of techno bangers, that's for sure. In reality, it's far more rewarding and will be a treasure to those who take the time to unravel the rhythmic abstraction and disparate aesthetic threads that underpin the various nodes of the album.

Lower Your Gaze

Language Has Failed Us

Cry Of The Planet

Denounce Everything