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Trailblazing live recording of the infamous EP/64, in the formation of Dali De Saint Paul (vox), Dan Johnson (drums) and special guest Ben Vince (sax/electronics), live at The Old Police Cells, Bristol, 01/02/2020 -

EP/64's 57th live improv show, eternalised via the Avon Terror Corps family (EP/64 counts as one of them) on cassette, as a much needed memory-jog and a documentation of some real Bristol underground history in the making.

"EP/64 should've broken up by now - this was the 57th assembly of the 64 part EP (Ephemeral Project): a shHHifting lineup of 'live only' pummelling improv noise, 'ard punk skronk and vocal witchcraft that was due to end suddenly on their 64th gig in July 2020. Past revolving door members include Ossia, Gretchen (from Guttersnipe), Yoshino Shigihara, Silver Waves, members of Gnod, Agathe Max, Annie Gardiner (Hysterical Injury), DJ Ductape and Copper Sounds. They're a band now kept in suspended animation, waiting to fulfil their ephemeral nature."

This won't ever go in the same old cupboards as Massive Attack or Portishead, but for us, this is the stuff we'll be telling our grandkids about in future times - stories of loosing oneself completely and utterly to loud, frantic noises and gasping for air in moments of brief silence.
Entering those whirlwind of ferocious, burning-hot and fully-alive, anything-can-go-wrong-and-that's-ok type scenarios.
Fists clenched, heartbeat in a polyrhythmic tumble, and tears of joy helping the sweat cool our heated bodies - the kind of levels you can only reach when the music moves not only through the speakerboxes, but through bodies, pulsing together.

Dali De Saint Paul has made a name for herself as one of the rawest and realest vocalists in town (and further afield, for those lucky enough to catch her on one of her gigs with EP/64, Harrga, or Viridian Ensemble).
Alongside rhythm-wizard Dan Johnson (with a couple of exceptions, the mainstay drummer of EP/64's shows) EP/64 have managed to light fires which still burn to this day in our hearts - yes I know this is sounding all emotional, and you might have read the ATC write up already and thought the same, but forgive us, because we have been there and seen what can happen at these shows, and we're very thankful for that life energy, so we need to do our best to pass on the flames to anyone who wants to see that same light.

This tape here, documents a gig that happened for the zine launch of an issue of The Bristol Germ, down at local venue 'The Island' - an ex Fire Station and Police Cells.

Dan Johnson's ever-revolving, throbbing, sidestepping, stomping, afrobeat/post-punkin' drums seem to undulate around Dali's looping, perfectly insane vocals with which she seems to draw energy out of mid-air, and turn it into some kind of hypnotic swell, and the two provide an anchor for Ben Vince's free sax, masterfully played like some kind of swelling of the sea, or a fierce thunderstorm at times.
We've seen a fair few killer EP/64 combos, but this has the be one of the very strongest - what a combination!

We're not sure if it's because we can picture being there (sadly we missed this show though, and we hate ourselves for it), but the cassette really does capture the sound and vibe very nicely. As far as live recordings go, we'd like to assure confidence in this one, it's a killer listen and much needed especially in times like these, and makes absolute sense on tape - as ATC said themselves 'close your eyes and you can almost imagine being there'.

Full, maximum support.


Served up on tape with killer photo art by Kin40k.
comes with DL code.

Ben Vince - Sax+ FX,
Dan Johnson - Drums,
Dali de Saint Paul - Vocals+FX
Sarah James - Visuals
Kinlaw - Photography

"Dali, Ben and Dan thank all people involved in that memorable night
and those who made it exist on tape; Miles and the ATC family,
Alastair Shuttleworth and The Bristol Germ, Matt Knight and his team from Audiophiles Production, Sarah James on live visuals, Baast,
Jackson Veil Panther, Silver Waves, Kinlaw and the audience."

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