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Equiknoxx and Feel Free Hi Fi - Equiknoxx Meets Feel Free Hi Fi (Digital Sting 12")

Digital Sting

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Wicked linkup disc on Digital Sting, Equiknoxx on the buttons and Feel Free Hi Fi on version duties, taking turns to twist up unique versions of dancehall across 8 fine tracks -

From the cool tension of the first cut with Gavsborg on the '11am with Frankie Bubbler', dubbed into wormholes of switched signals and echo feedback with Feel Free on the subsequent dub - a pattern which evolves in cold & deadly fashion across cuts from Time Cow - at times sounding like a chopped & screwed version of old Vex'D tracks or some other 'Nosferatu ina Skateland' type good ishhhh.

Wicked, wicked tunes all round, and served up in great style

Last few copies - fingers crossed for a repress soon...

Double sided silkscreen printed DJ jackets,
with Obi Strip style stickers,
hand stamped white labels.
Created and printed by Digital Sting.

Equiknoxx - The President Eats Children

Feel Free Hi Fi - The President Eats Children (dub)

Feel Free Hi Fi - Birds Of Passage

Equiknoxx - Bird Of Passage (dub)