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Skewed gunfinger Dancehall mutations and abstractions straight from JA -

Equiknoxx break into new avenues via Demdike Stare's excellent DDS imprint, with two discs full of mind-blowing instrumentals from their Hard Drive, cherry picked by Manchester's legendary Jon K.

Unless you are a follower of the modern Dancehall sounds coming from Jamaica, or have been listening to The Heatwave, Swing Ting's Balraj Samrai, or - in our case, thanks Lurka for putting us on the rude 'Last Of The Mohicans' instrumental a few years back - the Equiknoxx name might not ring any bells, but you can rest assured that they have been making waves for some years now, putting forward their oblique dancehall sound, laying down instros for the likes of Ward21, Beenie Man, Fambo, T.O.K. and more key vocalists in the Jamaican scene.

What sets them apart, and in turn makes their specific output so fitting on the DDS label, is their raw & unhinged production style -
real bare bones riddims with just the right touch of 'commercial' along with a cool & deadly kind of restraint -
each frequency is delivered with a kind of effortless efficiency, a good ear for rhythm and a knack for unhinged dynamics & melody - this is head music as well as bogle music.

Recognisable by the different modulations of bird sounds, the Equiknoxx watermark only adds to the surreal, almost unnerving aesthetic, but all the while the tracks are still peppered with gunfinger moments - especially if you crank up the volume a lickle.

Instantly reminding of one of our favourite comp of dancehall instrumentals on MoWax, these cuts have just the right balance of computerised dancehall heritage and a leaning towards the contemporary palette of Hip Hop, R&B and more minimalist dancefloor sounds.

Fans of Sly & Lenky, Mafia & Fluxy, Timbaland, Gaslamp Killer should take instant note...
All others should also give this one a good try - it'll grown on ya, trust us.

Wicked, wicked artwork designed by Jon K -
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, pressed up on two slabs of hi-grade wax.

1. Last of the Mohicans
2. Clunk
3. Peanut Porridge
4. Someone Flagged It Up!!
5. Porridge Should Be Brown Not Green
6. A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up
7. The Link
8. Clink
9. Timebird
10. I Really Want To Write On Her Purple Wall
11. Lizard of Oz
12. Congo Get Slap Like A Congo Get Slap


Peanut Porridge


Congo Get Slap Like A Congo Get Slap

The Link