• GRAFT02 - A / B
  • GRAFT02 - A / B
  • GRAFT02 - A / B
  • GRAFT02 - A / B
  • GRAFT02 - A / B

GRAFT02 - A / B


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A new round of vinyl from our friends at GRAFT - the third from the label, and once again presented in full DIY stamp glory, each sleeve unique - GRAFT02 sees crew member Equohm at the buttons for the A side (named simply that) - with a grubby, low-slung piece of time-ticking dubwise, recalling muffled ghosts of The Upsetter, recent Gaia Tones releases, or even some of Andy Mac's Diving Bird series in the build up, before pummeling into a more open and clear-headed sound, with wide-panned sine tones drifting across the spectrum to dizzying effect, whilst neck-snap snares and sublow bass trembles work in tandem - the mood is deep and melancholic, but the momentum keeps it rolling in an addictive, satisfying way.

 The B side sees Equohm on remix duties, with the original artist behind the remixed track not named - which, as you may have noticed is common thread between each release on the GRAFT label -
But, as with all 'common threads' you should be able to come to more conclusions if you've checked their previous releases, or if you take a dig back (last copies here) <<

The remix comes as lean and low-riding as it gets, letting the drums get dubbed out into a mulch of echo chamber resonations, after letting the grimey / ukf drums dance through the sludge - somehow reminding us of that time someone gifted us a bootleg cd of wiley & geneeus tracks played through heaps of fx at slowest speed many years ago. In short: we dig it.

Both sides of this disc come with plenty of analog niceness in the mix, treating your ears with a nicely mixed and mastered record for warm & heavy rotation on any kind of soundsystem or hifi speaker.
Served with a unique application of many individual letter stamps, layered with different ink blends - designed by Pietro Agostoni, edition of 200.

Find them here first, on wax + direct digital DL from our site when you grab this record.

Equohm - A

Unknown - B (Equohm Remix)