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ER - In My Sleep

1432 R

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The genius that is Ethiopian Records returns to RwdFwd with another collection of challenging, beautiful and exceptionally creative electronic compositions, making another excellent contribution to the 1432 R label.

In My Sleep hits a triple-time rhythm and stays there with incessant fervour, pitting apocalyptic, shuffling rhythms that wouldn't be out of place in a UK techno bit. The vocal chop that bursts into the mix is captivating and charged with energy without ever being overwrought. The best tune here, this would go down great in any adventurous and leftfield DJ's set.

Woyene combines James Blake-esque synthwork with a straighter 4/4 beat and enigmatic, half-there background vocal edits - inventive and original stuff.

Last up is Hetebet. Echoing the vibes if Muslimgauze and full of middle eastern melodic colour, crashing drums and time-stretched and screwed noise, it tops off a well-rounded and imaginative four-tracker from an oft-forgotten continent.


In My Sleep