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Errol Flabba Holt - Roots Radics Dub (Ranking Joe Records LP)

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The big, bad Flabba Holt!

The bass player solely responsible for the foundation of hundreds and hundreds of reggae tracks, many the biggest hits to come out of JA's vast musical world...
Think about that for a second...

As part of the Roots Radics band, Errol 'Flabba' Holt has laid down some of the most killer basslines in reggae history over the years... Just look at his discography, and you'll probably get dizzy - we certainly did.

It's also very much worth digging for Flabba on YouTube - the man has some stories to tell, and a kind of infectious sense of pride which is equally impressive, 100% justified and endearing.
But imagine if you had thought up all these basslines, the ones that would shake up soundsystems for decades, years and years to come, and get versioned and re-rubbed countless times - simply because not many can do it better.

There's a nice interview with him where he says that in the mid 80's at one point, he featured on 48 out of 50 tracks in the Jamaican reggae charts, as he'd played on all tracks as part of the Roots Radics band, that was producing hit after hit with the well-respected producer and Volcano Soundsystem boss, Henry 'Junjo' Lawes at the time, - sometimes they'd record for 12hours straight, tune after tune - people like Michael Prophet, Barrington Levy, Hugh Mundell, Eek A Mouse, all walking in to voice a tune, one after the other... Legendary stuff, no doubt.

Anyway, it's nice to see a dedication to this great mind and his bass playing skills.
This one is crazy rare if you're looking for an O.G. copy, so it's nice thing that this reissue was put together - the first one since it's original release date in '81.

Produced By Joseph Jackson aka Ranking Joe, recorded at Channel One by Solgie, and mixed at King Tubby's.

1. Flabba Dub
2. Screw Face Dub
3. Bronx Bombers
4. Macka Dub
5. Ark Special
6. Satta Dub
7. Criple Man Skank
8. Rub A Dub Style
9. Murder Dub
10. Super Special Dub

Flabba Dub

Bronx Bombers

Criple Man Skank

Murder Dub