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ESG - Keep On Moving

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Boss LP from the founders of cool: ESG.

New York New Wave / Post Punk outfit ESG have provided some of the best, dub-heavy, groove-loaded post punk / disco / whatever you wanna call it, ever since they began doing the do in the early 80's.
You probably already know of them, but if you don't - you're in for a treat.

This LP, a slightly fresher one, albeit still almost 15 years old now, stands up tall amongst their early classics and it certainly stands up tall in today's sound too.
Tracks like 'Purely Physical' or the Bass Mix of 'Insane' (we told you there was dub in this) are absolute understated killers, that will wiggle waists and keep feet occupied with absolute ease.

Just turn this the f- up and feel the funk!

Unmissable, delicious music.

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1. Purely Physical 04:41
2. Keep On Moving 04:14
3. Insane (Tambourine Mix) 02:57
4. The Road 06:14
5. I'd Do It For You 02:59
6. Everything Goes 04:08
7. Ex 06:33
8. Insane (Bass Mix) 02:57
9. Gimme A Blast 06:04

Purely Physical

Keep On Moving

The Road

Insane (Bass mix)