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Etch - Synapse Cluster / Labyrinthian Contours


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Original nutcase producer Etch flinging drums left, right and centre for GULLY002 -

One of the loosest, most unrestrained producers in the wider scope of the UK's bass music scene, badbwoy Etch delivers two lessons in fluid breakbeat sampling, an ode to original Hip Hop and junglist moves, sounding like Android Clyde Stubblefield with a new pair of arms, quickfire drum kit rearrangements that will keep your body bopping until that neck snaps off your shoulder and your knees are in a twist.

Synapse Cluster on top, Labyrinthian Contours below, this one comes served up on a limited clear 7" vinyl, numbered and with autographed hand-styles on each one -

Synapse Cluster

Labyrinthian Contours