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Etch - The Serpent & The Rainbow EP

Soundman Chronicles

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Etch returns to Soundman Chronicles after an outing on Keysound.
Jumping headfirst into a deep crate full of old breaks, which are duly chopped and loaded into the Akai, in original prescription.
‘Tsatr’ and ‘Waterfalls’ on the A-side are dreamy, half stepping jungle cuts, laced with razor sharp breaks and booming 808 kicks, vintage style for the new era.

Referencing classic era Headz and Bassbin and twisted into a contemporary context, brilliantly done and compatible with the current strain of slow-fast jungle mutations from the likes of Binga, Om Unit and Fracture.

Hand-stamped, limited copies (and we have some advance copies directly from the label!)

The Serpant And The Rainbow


The scientists (Breakology)