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Etch - YoYo Riddim / Gantz RMX

Bun The Grid

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Etch & Bulu bun the grid and step out into the unknown with the first release on their new label.

Radar Radio listeners will be familiar with their show and it's total disregard for convention, you can expect anything from Hip-Hop, Jungle and Psyc and a whole lot in-between. The label then, reflects their wide ranging interests and puts them on vinyl. YoYo Riddim shapeshifts some low slung Southern greaze into 85bpm territory. Turkish magician and a producer with similar contempt for the grid refixes the original to close the A-side - chock full of tumbling percussion, psychosis inducing edits and very welcome dynamics, masterfully done as always.

Pon the flip side, nu-blood Ilk steps in with some more of that slo-fast gear, utterly deadly basses providing support for finely chopped breaks and some laid back atmospherics. The main event on this side though comes from Astrophonica / 31 Records Moresounds operative - his reshaping of 'Yes Ruff!' adds some golden era Rufige Cru hi-strings to the mix and plunges the original 10,000 leagues below - weapons grade basses snarl so fiercely they might just have your arm off if you're not careful. Ruff, tuff and dangerous material this plate.

Support from the likes of Breakage, Binga, Fracture and a load more.

Etch - YoYo Riddim

Gantz RMX

ILK - Yes Ruff

Moresounds RMX