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Ethiopian Records - Letu Sinega

1432 R

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Stunning piece of Ethiopian beat-experimentalism on the 1432 R imprint.

We have to admit, when we first checked this record out, not having heard it before, we were expecting a nice reissue of some Mulatu Astatke or other Ethiopian 'traditonal' music. But upon listening, being blown away by the forward rhythmic qualities and off-kilter inventiveness of it, and upon doing some more research on the artist - we were made aware that this very notion and perhaps small-minded western perception of african music stuck in it's traditions, perhaps also due to the lazy labelling of non-western music as 'World Music', is something that E.R. wants us all to break free from -

This record, for us at least, puts Ethiopia on the map of forward thinking electronic music, not just exceptional instrument-based music.

The traditions and seeds of it's origins still lie woven in the complex mesh of harmonious sounds and organic rhythms, but the electronic means of the production process set a whole new scene for the Ethiopian sound to flourish in new ways, using diffused samples, expertly placed in their dynamic range - from reverbed chants to imminent pulses of low-end, constantly shifting and moving with the vivacious pace and drum sound of each track.

To put it short, you need this record on your turntable, and you need to let it play a few times to fully understand it's depth and richness...

Full support for Endeguena Mulu  aka E.R. -
A really special record.

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Letu Sinega

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