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Exael + Arad Acid - Furi

Motion Ward

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Killer slab of lythe & aerodynamic hi tek rhythm & ambient juxtapositions, coming together on a 7 track 12" from Berlin's Exael & Arad Acid, for the excellent Motion Ward label -

Across a well paced, well placed set of solo & collaborative works, this record plays a bit like the ascension & drift of an aeroshuttle into outer orbits, in slow motion.
Airy, vaporous textures initiate the lift off, before spiralling into motion with the mechanics of rhythm on the next cut, reaching exploratory territory for Arad Acid to leave the ship for a few hours of weightless maintenance on the outer framework of the vessel on 'frontmxxd'.
On the inside of the ship, meanwhile, Exael initiates all motors & programs for the next stage of hyperspeed, loading up the sampler with timed injections of breakbeats & organic percussive elements, as the internal clock holds the pace and the oxygen vent holds the temparature.
Next step, turn off all unnecessary machines and let the motor muster up it's power as the lights and switches flicker in tandem, strap the suit to the seat, higher speeds are on the horizon, high-pace clockwork kick drums are ready for induction.
Landing on Planet X: Arad Acid hit the 'ok' for momentary timestretch and shines the 'torqued light' while all surroundings are cleared.
Fast forward a few eons, post timestrech, post station X research - final notes from the two 'crafters: My Love Is An Extension Of You'.

... This one's a beauty, properly crafted and tweaked sci-fi ambience in 2020 style, a much needed bit of musical teleportation.

1. Exael + Arad Acid - Furi 04:44
2. Exael + Arad Acid - Upwards Spiral 04:53
3. Arad Acid - Frontmxxd 04:09
4. Exael - Dex 06:37
5. Exael - Prise 06:27
6. Arad Acid - Torqued Light 07:58
7. Exael + Arad Acid - My Love is an Extension of You 03:33

Exael & Arad Acid - Furi

Arad Acid - Frontmxxd

Exael - Dex

Exael & Arad Acid - My Love Is An Extension Of You