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Eypher Hachidan - Day Glo


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Gorgeous hour long cassette selected and blended by Tokyo crate digger Eypher Hachidan for Kassem Mosse’s label.

Trainspotters will be sorely disappointed here as there is no tracklist provided and the kind of selections that Eypher Hachidan has woven together here are (thankfully) way below the radar of Shazam (although it does appear on there!) - expect an hour or thereabouts of lo-fi folk music, haunting electronic scores, garage rock and intergalactic techno trips laced with a healthy dose of tape hiss that’ll leave your head mangled in the best possible way.

Far from your standard disposable DJ mix, this is more a journey through an enviable collection of musics, expertly blended and served on the most appropriate of formats.

This is just the kind of thing that we dig here at RwdFwd, we think you will too.

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