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F.R.U.I.T.S. / PTU / DJ Sotofett - LATON067


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Heavy duty 12" import -

Coming in with the catalogue number 067, Laton lay down the rules once again with ON_3 - the third edition of the ON series with tracks from the archive and new remixes released on full side 12" for the first time.

A-Side: Fine grained and ultra bass heavy techno recorded in 1995 by Moscow's Pavel Jagun & Alexei Borisov aka F.R.U.I.T.S.

On the B' DJ Sotofett's two part electroid-industrial & thunderous techno remix of PTU's "Tuesday Night."

Say no more, just listen to the clips, and trust us, this is techno at it's finest and most solid degree - no compromises.

Rough and dangerous.

F.r.u.i.t.s. - Dat 22 (First Track)

PTU - Tuesday Night (Dj Sotofett's Laton 12inch Mix Part 1)

B2. Ptu - Tuesday Night (Dj Sotofett's Laton 12inch Mix Part 2)