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Facta - Alsatian


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Absolutely superb release from Bristol's very own Facta, touching down on the Bloc label.

Those with a keen ear to Rinse will have heard Lamont and the like battering 'Alsatian', floating that infectious melody in on a cushion of bass before cutting loose electro referencing shapes, bloody fantastic tune and one that'll be in the bag for ages.

Beneath steps in to flip the original differently, absolutely pummeling the listener with undulating bass frequencies, threatening to shake itself apart at times while still remaining faithful to the original.

Don't for any reason overlook the B side though - 'Scotch Mist' is a fractured slab of mutant UK styles, splicing breaks with bleep & bass - crucial if you dig the Livity backwards and Wisdom Teeth label output - 10/10 this one.


Alsatian (Beneath Refix)

Scotch Mist