• Facta - Montpelier EP

Facta - Montpelier EP


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Bristol transmission from below ground level -

Facta steps up with his debut on Badimup.

Operating in the same corners of the dancefloor that the likes of Beneath, Wen, Alex Coulton and Hodge frequent, Facta makes his mark with three ice cold, sublow and skeletal garage rhythms.

On the A side we find the title track 'Montpelier' (named after an area of Bristol very close to our HQ) -
Dead certain kicks and a looming bassline pave the way for chopped vocals and frosty fx, geared for the dancefloor with the speakerbox in mind.
On the flip we are presented with two cuts -
'Kobra' is another frosty affair that revolves around a twisting and turning, skewed garage rhythm, reminiscent of old Roll Deep and possibly even a slightly more crisp cut version of early 2000's Vex'd... Ice cold and breezy!

As the the disc enters it's last chapter 'Upsetter' inhabits the grooves -
A subdued rhythm lays the foundations for the familiar voice of Bunny Lee talking soundsystem over this dusky low-frequency stepper -
Heads-down, legs-up dancefloor business!

Heavyweight 180gsm Vinyl.