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Fatima Al Qadiri - Asiatisch


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Fatima Al Qadiri drops a standout album on the Hyperdub label -

Unique, expertly executed fusion of styles from various corners of the musical spectrum -

From early 00's grime to Dabke music and of course heavy influences from traditional Chinese arrangements and sonic distillation, Fatima manages to blend an unlikely mix of styles into something coherent and current... using bright synthesis and clean sampling, the structures and patterns throughout this musically rich piece are well defined and it's obvious that there is a clear vision amongst the countless reference points.

It's a standout achievement, one that could be seen as a reference to cultural and sonic art, as much as it contributes to the sphere's of soundsystem music that Hyperdub do so well to frequent.

An LP that should stand the test of time and remain as an artefact of the world we currently live in, one where culture and information can pass through borders in many forms, physically and non-physically, resulting in amalgamations that would've seemed unlikely before the digital age.

The clips will give you an indication of what you're in for, but it's the kind of album that will reveal it's many layers with time and further listening.

Served in printed sleeve, containing extra printed inner sleeve.

01. Shanzhai (For Shanzhai Biennial) feat. Helen Feng
02. Szechuan
03. Wudang
04. Loading Bejing
05. Hainan Island
06. Shenzhen
07. Dragon Tattoo
08. Forbidden City
09. Shanghai Freeway
10. Jade Stars

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Clips Side A

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