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Federsen - Rose Bay

Fifth Interval

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San Fransisco meets NYC for the third release on Fifth Interval.

Rose Bay from Federsen sets the tone for the record: drenched in tape hiss, the warm pads and delays create a richly textured environment for deeper club sets or for 2am sessions on headphones.

Dub Techno luminary Brendon Moller offers up two versions of the title track to complete the EP - one in his own name and the second under his Ecologist guise. Fans of the label will no doubt be well aware of Moller's formidable discography, which includes 10 albums under a variety of aliases, exploring the outer reaches of dub music.

Coaxing two captivating versions from his studio in upstate New York, Moller focusses on the chord stabs from the original for the Echologist Dub, pushing the stabs and percussion through the desk, twisting the tails through tape delay and creating new vistas through crafty use of panning and bona fide dub production techniques.

Closing with the outstanding Tidal Dub, Moller dons his Beat Pharmacy cap and pushes the mammoth bassline to near speaker-crushing levels to create a deeply hypnotic groove that is accentuated by waves of ferric pads and fractured percussion.

Rose Bay

Rose Bay (Beat Pharmacys Tidal Dub)

Rose Bay (Echologist Dub)