• Federsen – Voodoo Gourds

Federsen – Voodoo Gourds


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California based producer Federsen joins the No Corner project with his
Voodoo Gourds cassette.

From his analog equipment-filled studio overlooking San Francisco you are invited to take in the view of steep rolling streets and sunset red tinged vistas of the bay area, stretching into late nights thick with a palpable sense of after hours anticipation with fragments of conversation and smokes on street corners carried along at the strong and steady pace of the Ocean Beach rip currents.

A heavy fog rolls under the Golden Gate as the tape flips over to the B side, reducing visibility breaking the steady pace of the A side into pieces. Wooden percussive fragments are splintered on the rocks like matchsticks. Agitated by the choppy waters the previously steady drum patterns become more and more disjointed, tempos switch without warning and shrouds of detail-rich tape fog make for a spacious yet tense trip.

An hour of entirely original Federsen material, the B side is all previously unreleased and made for this instalment of the No Corner project.

Side A

Side B