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The 2nd stunner via Bokeh Versions today comes from none other than Sao Paulo's Felinto (w/ a strong crew!) and the outcome is a great, great 30 minutes culminating in the shape of a vortex into a parallel dimension where dub meets the alternate drum sound of underground Brazil, and other galaxies

What a wicked piece of tape we have here once more. ooooph!

Packed across a C30, the Futuro Antigo Perpétuo comes with six dubwized polyrhythmix and human-sound-interactions from the versatile, politically-charged Felinto, alongside great company (read on below!) - A sweet harmony in strange dissonance, with a righteous continuation of the search for mutual meetings with different people, new ears, less fears.

BKV placed the aptly chosen descriptive words and gathered the necessary information in perfect order here below, so we'll let you digest these words of interest in their full effect, as company to the music:

"Kaledoscopic digidub fractals that radiate light and dark onto scattering drumskins, intersecting trumpet lines bouncing of the wooooooosh of pedals in overdrive - struck by a blur of Sao Paulo’s leading hands in a dizzying trip through the psychedelic sound experience. Not since SKRS and Sea Urchin have we been able to offer you something so joyously weird that’s awash in all the shadows and sounds of this mortal blue sphere.

FUTURO ANTIGO PERPÉTUO - Perpetual Ancient Future - comes from a multi-celled supergroup centring around Felinto on production, synths and electribe; Marian Sarine from Deafkids on congas, timbal and drums, and Martiniquan virtuoso Boris Reine Adelaide on tambour bèlè percussion. Another third of Deafkids, Douglas Leal floats by for a guest spot playing melodica on 'Sempre', alongside touring partner Paula Rebellato, singing on Norma (she's the missing vocal link in tribal-goth overlords Rakta aka Bokeh family Carla Boregas & Mauricio Takara).

With light there is heaviness and there’s a core of solidarity and resistance through music as Futuro was part of a chain of actions for Mulheres Possíveis, a support group for women held captive at Carandiru Penitentiary. The funds raised from the sales of the album will be donated to support women incarcerated in the last remaining building of what was once Latin America's biggest penitentiary complex. Most of the prison was demolished in 2002 to give way for a public park, ten years after the event that would become known as Carandiru Massacre: a protest against living conditions by the incarcerated population which tragically resulted in the death of 111 inmates.

Felinto’s a cementing bridge in Sao Paulo’s underground scene, where bands like Deafkids and Rakta have proved there are no real divisions between jazz, metal, goth, dub and music-as-activism. Felinto drives works and strategies to elevate the Brazilian black population using sound design, hatha yoga and educational meditation as tools to deal with conflict.

He's a co-founder of Coletivo Sistema Negro (Black System Collective). From 2014 to 2018 they occupied public spaces in Sao Paulo to protest police violence against the black community and promote prison abolitionism. As a sonic artist, he's part of CIA CRIOULOS, a theatre group dedicated to creating new aesthetics for political plays for the Brazilian arts scene. He also produces sonic research for the performative collective AMOR-TECIMENTO, dedicated to making new contexts for self-care and affection between black people. He acts as a Yoga teacher on the UBUNTU-NAMASTE group, and heads the masculinity discussion group Yoga, Corporeidade e Masculinidade. Felinto is also the host of Modulação Preta (Black Modulation), a webseries with interviews and live sets focused on black artists exploring electronic music outside of the Brazilian mainstream. Finally, he's a member of Radio Buxixo, a collective which organizes meetings for group listening and discussion of new releases by independent artists. "

Absolute musical blinder, with a great back story - full respect to all involved!

Find out more about the work Mulheres Possíveis do with incarcerated women here:

C30 cassettes in recycled apricot shells, 3 panel J cards on 300gsm eco-natural 100% recycled light brown/grey card. Artwork: Douglas Leal

Production: Felinto and Felipe Julian AKA Craca
Timbal, Conga and Drums: Mariano Sarine
Bèlè Drum: Boris Reine Adelaide
Guest vocals: Paula Rebellato
Melodica: Douglas Leal
Trumpet: Romulo Alexis
Artwork: Douglas Leal