• Felinto – Não Tem Volta
  • Felinto – Não Tem Volta

Felinto – Não Tem Volta

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Fresh, and once again – vital – offerings from the BKV INTL ship, juicing more fruit from the connection between Bokeh Versions out of Bristol, and Felinto – along with an extended family of musicians – from Brazil.

This limited run cassette gives us a one-piece, 30min journey through ancient future worlds conjured up via synth sounds, vocal tones, harmonic drones, and percussive reactions shot through the echo chamber and over vast planes of space, with the reflection of sound sources singing back at us like a returned frequency from a distant mountain or forest, connected via rivers of sound that run through earth and back up into our feet.

Real meditative, transportive stuff of the highest order, although highly psychadelic and speaking through different dimensions than our common ones, Não Tem Volta sounds organic and natural. Human music harnessed via wires and diaphragms, and eternalised for re-play as a sound manifestation that can be re-played to any surrounding, any time – taking you to that special place, once you hit play.

…That’s the drift we get, but read on for the real-deal info from the source, and make note of the respecting, and respect-worthy action for the Guarani indigenous cause:

“Não Tem Volta is an immersive experience originally created by Felinto in partnership with the singer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Eddu Ferreira (Cosmogun) and the drummer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist M. Takara (Rakta, Hurtmold, Baobá Stereo Club).

The work departs from the fractal towards sleep, dreams and the generative nature of the unconscious, aligning itself with the interests of native peoples in the oneiric universe as a way of understanding and constructing the world.

This Immersion is composed of a cassette, a video album created by Dovglas Leal (Deafkids), a flag created by the artist Mariana Serri and Yoga do Sonho, a group and itinerant action of dream study conducted by Carolina Brito and the musicians who composed this album.

The project as an album is also an effort to raise funds that serve the Guarani indigenous cause, in the village located in Pico do Jaraguá in São Paulo, which has been suffering systematic attacks by the State, the police and of real estate speculation shareholders leading to the loss of an explicit part of its reserve’s territory.

We dream of returning to the Earth!”

Top, top, top tape! BKV&FELINTO4LIFE.

Felinto : synths
Eddu Ferreira : voice
M.Takara : Shehnai and percussions
Mariana Serri : Cover art
BKV Industrial: Design

Limited Edition diy dubbed tapes, served in fine style, as ever:

“YOU ARE PURCHASING A BREATHTAKING CASSETTE: 8 panel insert, frosted shells, all audio recorded onto one side. Side B left blank for silent meditation.
100% of profits go to the native Guarani people of São Paulo.”

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