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Femminielli Noir - Echec Et Mat

Mind Records

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Sticky hot off-kilter techno vibrations from Jesse-Osborn Lanthier alongside Feminielli, on Japan's Mind Records -

It's easy to forget that the techno genre can be one of the most expansive and liberating rhythmic structures, if we free ourselves from the assumptions that it's all 4x4 kickdrum and hi-hat, if we merely keep that structure as a reminder of forward movement, allowing all the frequency, melody and rhythms to explore the spaces that surround this movement, breaking the grid, with it's heartbeat becoming a ghostly force that allows everything around it to dance freely.

This LP by Feminielli Noir does exactly that - techno in avant-garde / concrete attire, with ice-cold sleaze and smoke-filled steam exchanging moves as the pulse keeps us focused - eyes down and limbs all around.
It's the kind of sexy, abstracted dancefloor music that should be played in red-lit basements or cavernous warehouses deep into the night.
Echec Et Mat manages to confidently harness the highest of frequencies in full experimental demeanour with it's intro track, and dive headfirst into the most sweaty of club tracks, aptly titled 'Jeunesse Dans La Discothèque'.
As we move, the LP takes turns into avant-garde soundscapism via drum machine overdrive, pure x-rated dancefloor funk and otherwordly ambience -

From top to bottom, it's a very, very vibey, intimate affair - at times charged for the floor, before sinking back into more inward places -
We invite you to indulge in its fullness - you won't regret it.

All tracks recorded and composed by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Bernardino Femminielli between 2013-2014
Drums and percussions performed by Olivier Fairfield
Mixed at Svengalisghost's studio in Paris in winter 2015
Mastered by Rashad Backer at Dubplates & Mastering Berlin
Artwork and design by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier

In varnished 350g premium quality paper sleeve with obi strip printed on vellum paper.

1.Félicitations Éphémères
2.Jeunesse Dans La Discothèque
3.The X-Ray Tactic
4.Flores Deliciocias
5.Pisseur Rapide
6.Fianchettoed Hustle
7.El Guardián

Jeunesse Dans La Discothèque

Flores Deliciocias

Fianchettoed Hustle