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Ferro #00

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The first outing of the very promising Ferro Tape Records from Cologne, a brand new tape-only label focusing on 'deep and dubbed techno sounds' this package contains a choice selection of 6 tracks by various artists expertly crafted music with a varied range of techno productions, that reach out to a wide range of dub and electronic influences whilst sustaining a deep, diffused melodic sound to them.

Starting with the reduced and restrained 'Untitled III' by After Disco, things go below ground level into uncertain territory with Centrist State's 'Ring' and the journey continues through its dimensions, seemingly surfacing from cavernous depths,  elevating into the light of a newly discovered realm... the journey ends and almost all questions are answered with the final track - 'Escalator' by San Jolér.
Great stuff - well recommended!

Includes download-code for FLAC/MP3/etc. printed on the labels only redeemable by purchasing the tape.
The cassettes are limited to 75, packed in a zip-lock bag containing a Black/white printed neon stamped and numbered fold-out-inlay.
This first run of 50 also includes additional duotone-Risograph-printed artwork (A4)

After Disco - Untitled III
Centrist State - Ring
Mount Wishmore Unlimited - S.B.I.
Zzzzra - Anandamide
Basicnoise - Procyon
San Jolér - Escalator

After Disco - Untitled II

Centrist State - Ring

Zzzzra - Ananda

San Joler - Escalator