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FFT - Total Self-Fufilment (BRUK)


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Killer avant-ambient reductions from FFT, providing total self-fulfilment with the add-on tape to his recent 12" for Berlin's BRUK label -

This one has finally landed here after some delays, but it was well worth the wait -
Josh Thompson aka FFT with 11 pieces of computer experimentalism and cyberpunk ambience that feels like some kind of high-octane emotional drift through motion picture landscapes and a more introspective mind-gaze through frequency manipulation.

There's a kind strange sense of familiarity throughout these, filtered resonations making up what at times sound like human vocal harmonics or string instruments, obscured thru the lens of data and electronics in a MAX MSP type fashion, but retaining, or even amplifying the emotional value in doing so.
Hyper-realistic scenes of sound that seem to tear up a potent type of mood, wether at it's most subdued and calm moments, like the TSF title track, Holy Water or the aptly titled 'In the Quiet Moment', or at it's most searing and elevated - in tracks such as 'Six', 'Grey Area', or when the bassweight sets its anchor over a modern classical type serenities on 'Forward'.

Total Self-Fulfilment is equal parts gripping, chilling, thrilling and nurturing music -

FFT has created something that feels as if time itself is being commanded by synthetic waves of sound - it's a real trip.

Served in classy looking tape design, with tracklist printed on the tape.

Holy Water
Grey Area
In the Quiet Moment
A Single Second
New Life


Total Self​-​Fufilment

Grey Area

New Life