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FIlter Dread - Ambient Spiral

Corrupt Data

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Filter Dread making righteous moves for Corrupt Data, with 8 extra-terrestrial, hardcore-tinged cuts from his dubplate flash drive.

It's great to see Filter Dread sticking to his unique guns with his strange fruit, picked from the tree of the undefeatable hardcoore continuum...
This record might be our favourite thing from him in recent times -
a very solid progression from his Space Loops piece on NoCorner some years back.

16bit Kicks and Snares sounding like they've come straight off the akai, mega drive soundscapes that swarm around the grimey hack ups, bloodclart jungle-tekno ruff-ups, bitcrushed basslines and icey FM effects.
It's that unmissable knack for a quickfire rhythm that leaves you wanting more and more...
Ambient Spiral is a pacey, spacey record that will transport you away from the grey normality of the day-to-day with flash & lightning in towe...

Big up the Filter Dread. Original freakzone raver on a mission!

1 Filter Dread - Ambient Spiral
2 Filter Dread - Faces In The Sky
3 Filter Dread - Gravity Step
4 Filter Dread - Nebula
5 Filter Dread - New Energy
6 Filter Dread - Nrg2
7 Filter Dread - SP 85
8 Filter Dread - Space Comping

Ambient Spirals

Faces In The Sky

Gravity Step