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Filter Dread - Format

Red For Colour Blind

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RwdFwd favourite Filter Dread returns to the cassette after a superb outing on Pan with Acre.

The ‘Red For Colour Blind’ label coaxes 14 tracks from the elusive producer, further exploring the spaces and textures that made his cassette for NoCorner a couple of years back so engrossing. The idiosyncrasies that defined his earlier works are still present - ‘Gravitate’ for example makes full use of fragmented breaks and sci-fi synthesis creating a playful and intriguingly unsettling atmosphere, setting the scene for the rest of the tape.

Framed by the shorter and more experimental cuts are some outright bangers the breakbeat choppage of ‘Virtual stress’ and the standout track ‘ZX Super Strobe’ (which sounds like a UK Funky track, laced with amens, ragged through a bitcrusher) are ones that we have found ourselves revisiting since the parcel of cassettes touched down.

Moving through the second side - hints of vintage Filter Dread show themselves, the tumbling arrangement of ‘ZX Tri 2 Drum’ while the almost unhinged snare rushes and reece bass of ‘Chat Shit’ remind us just why we dig this producer’s sound so much.

Format shows how Filter Dread has progressed as an artist, developing what were once fragmented ideas into full tracks while holding onto the shorter pieces, ideally suited to the cassette format - ‘Format’ is best listened to in it’s entirety, half scrapbook and half fully formed, left of centre bangers - dropping the listener headfirst into the mind of the Filter Dread.

Highly unique, highly mad... Highly recommended.

Limited to 70 spraypainted tapes, served in nicely tacky, retro-digital style.

Comes with DL code, redeemable from the label.

1. Gravitate
2. Shimmering Videos
3. Crystal Fountains
4. Floatzy
5. Virtual Stress
6. Fingerz
7. Pulsing Stars
8. ZX Super Strobe
9. Stellar Nuclear
10. ZX Tri 2 Drum
11. Chat Shit
14. Serious


Virtual Stress

ZX Super Strobe