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Filter Dread - Midi Space

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Filter Dread fires off 6-tracker for Ramp -

There's little doubt that Filter Dread has to be one of the most interesting producers operating in the extended Rave circles, taking influences from lots of UK sounds and techniques - from Hardcore to Jungle to Grime and Dubstep through to Eski-reductions and loop-based Beats.

After his critically acclaimed debut album 'Space Loops' that was released on cassette and later to be made part of the 'From The Reels' 2 x 12" collection, it's great to see FD further his sonic footprints with this six-track 12" via Ramp Recordings.

Kicking off with his trademark fusion of dancefloor oddities and 8bit decimation of reminiscent palettes and sounds, the EP's first three tracks showcase his uncompromisingly stranger sides, perhaps like the UK's grime answer to the skandinavian 'Skwee' sounds... conjuring strong images of Sega Mega Drive ventures from around the 90's and adding 'My First Sony' versions of Reece and Pulse basslines into the potent mix of madness.

As the disc continues, the palette darkens ever so slightly, almost like a progression through the levels of your favourite arcade game, with the big guns and soundtrack gems making their appearance as we aim for high-score.
Whilst Filter Dread's bareboned approach could be seen as an infant look at rave culture, it's strange nature and plastic-aesthetic are what set's it apart and makes it so damn enjoyable.... and that's not to say his tracks don't pack a punch at loud-volume... his stuff can surely make a dancefloor go mad if deployed at the right time.

From the ruff-and-rugged neo-junglist styles and skewed grime attitude, it's all in here, packaged in the unique Filter Dread style and fashion.

One last thing that we have to add, this is the kind of music that truly benefits from the added tactility and warmth added by it's transfer to cassette and vinyl formats... And Lewis from Stardelta did a grand job on this one too.

A unique and extraordinary piece of wax!

1:Clowns From Outer Space
2:Jungle Interlude
3:MIDI Fighter
4:Space Compartment
5:Stolen Dub
6:Trippy Patterns

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