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Filter Dread - RWDFWDMIX010


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>> 2023 Re-run << 

RWDFWDMIX010 is here - NoCorner o.g. Filter Dread at the controls, with a 100% production mix.

It's a pleasure to have Filter Dread at the buttons for the 10th tape in our mix cassette series.
We and Filter Dread go way back to the early days of RWDFWD - in fact, even before our office / studio was used for RWDFWD dealings, around 2011, back when Tape-Echo & Peng Sound used to share a slot on sub.fm and host the weekly show on a Friday afternoon from the decks in the DIY radio booth of the what would become our HQ, I remember early Filter Dread dubs getting played on the radio - you'd have to be quite snappy with the mix, as a lot of his tracks were (and are) often no more than a couple minutes long. His tracks are often more like a faint memory of a hacked up membrane flash from the mother brain of the early hardcore sound, re-imagined out of the extended continuum, lost in the future and presented for a different time zone once again, skewed with a touch of 00's grime, sublow, UKG and peppered with radiophonic leanings.

Fast forward a couple years or so, to 2013, and we had already began getting hooked on putting out records on Peng Sound and Hotline, rwdfwd.com was up & running, and the NoCorner label had put out its first few cassettes, including Filter Dread's 'Space Loops' which was (as far as we can remember) Filter Dread's very first physical release - spanning 22 tracks in about 40minutes of tape - a wild ride through his bruk up rave sound flashattacks, and a tape that became quite sought after, even seeing a reissue on vinyl a couple of years later with the 'NoCorner - From The Reels' 3 x 12" + 7".

So here we are, about 8 years later, all of us, Filter Dread & RWDFWD still doing our thing, doing what we love and what we're probably best at. So it was about time to make another combined manifestation really, about time to get Leo, aka Filter Dread back on the buttons.
What we're dealing with on this RWDFWDMIX, is a special one indeed - a rare tape full of 100% FD production (The only one that supplied us with a production mix for our series so far, was Maral, who's B Side was exclusively her material also).

Counting in at around 35mins per side, Filter Dread's RWDFWDMIX is on a proper space-travelling, bassbin flexing, breakbeat chopping trip through rave sampledelia, letting bitcrushed synthesis and warped atmospherics zoom through a mesh of looney loops and gunfinger inducing rydymz - no one does it quite like Filter Dread.

If you wondered what grime, hardcore, UKG, jungle, acid house, and DnB might sound like if it was made by someone on a lone spaceship in the outer orbits somewhere in a black hole using collected data from ancient Sidewinder tapes, blurry youtube rips capturing the vibe of laser filled, ecstasy-fuelled warehouses in the 90's, hacking up the vibes in a FM synthesized, Akai-re-sampled, Virus programmed, and EMU-sound derived reductionist elektron-techniques... Well, this is the sound of Filter Dread - truly hardcore mutated, freak-rave.

- Filter Dread is here, in charge of the flashing lights at the control tower, delivering another piece in the puzzle of rave transmissions. This accumulation of signal flow is called RWDFWDMIX010, and it comes served in high-grade artwork from Studio Tape-Echo - recycling fragments of Filter Dread's own graphics, also.

.... Liiiiighter!

Edition of 100 tapes.
100% Filter Dread productions.
White onbody print on aqua blue shells.
Inlay designed by Studio Tape-Echo.