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We unearthed a stash of NoCorner goodies, including o.g. cassette copies of ‘Space Loops’, a Filter Dread gem from a few years back.

A bit of a favourite around here, Filter Dread's Space Loops album was released back in 2013, this clamshell case version never saw the light of day (well, there were 10 copies in a bigger clamshell case but that ain't these) and remained in a box which was uncovered the other day, there's only a handful of them and they come with a DL code as well...

If you've not heard this before, we really envy you - plug in and let this one re-wire yer circuits.


Dense, paranoid hazes of late nights and patch leads, Akai samplers left running through grubby delay units...breaks stretched to their serrated limit, exposing the pitted drum hits that the UK underground is built on, from Jungle to Grime and beyond.

Enter the mind of Filter Dread -–sonic archaeologist – deconstructing 20 years of source material and recomposing it through a twisted maze of appropriately archaic technology.

Space Loops is his most substantial body of work to date, a 40-minute trip of entirely original material, 22
tracks in total, seamlessly blended and transferred to cassette, returning to the tape packs that influenced his music in the first place.

A warped document of tense, Jungle-rooted experimentation from one of the most liberated minds operating within the UK underground.

‘A lot of the time it’s not the execution of the track, it’s the build up and design of the concept beforehand...’

Check the video below for audio / visual >>