• Finis Africae - A Last Discovery \'The Essential Collection 1984-2001\'

Finis Africae - A Last Discovery \'The Essential Collection 1984-2001\'

EM Records

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Brilliant collection of essential musical works by Experimental / New Wave Pop / African / Latin hybrid collective 'Finis Africae'.

A selection of their finest work that has emerged since post-Franco Spain in '84 -
Now made available to the world via Japanese 'EM Records'

- 2 discs presented in a printed gatefold sleeve with liner notes in Spanish, Japanese and English.

Gathering the most outstanding and original pieces of musical creations that had previously only been domestically released in Spain over the course of almost 20 years, this LP presents us with a collection of 18 tracks that have marked the sound of Finis Africae over the years.

A group that has always been known for it's completely free and unrestrained approach to music and indeed musical instrumentation, these tracks stand in their own right completely.
Not bound to any one rhythm or structure, the many influences that contribute to their sound are so deeply intertwined in originality and creative freedom that one can only listen and take in the music for what it is.

Dreamlike and enchanting throughout, there is a rich musical texture and constant stream of originality that flows throughout.
It took us a few listens to begin to comprehend the complexity of it all, but this stuff is sonically so intriguing, we have found ourselves placing it back on the turntable ever since...

Great stuff. highly recommended.

Radio Tarifa
Zoo ZuluTriciclos En La Chopera
Pirulo, Cambia Cromos
Segundos, Segundos, Segundos
Los Pobres Del Mundo Tocan El Bombo
El Abrazo De La Selva
Los Colores De Mis Botas
Juana Y Rosalia
Suite Amazonica
Danca Do Corpo
Remontando El Purus
Hassell, El Oso Hormiguero
El Baile De Sara
Masai MAra
Bahia De Los Genoveses

El Baile De Sara (Sara's Dance)

Suite Amazonica

Hassell, El Oso Hormiguero (Hassell The Anteater)

Radio Tarifa