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Firehouse Dub Volume 1 - Sip A Cup Meets Negus Roots

Sip A Cup

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Unearthed dubs from the Negus Roots Archives from the 80's onwards -

Over the course of it's 10 tracks, we are invited into the depths of dubwise roots, with Gussie P at the controls...
Featuring tracks recorded at Channel 1, Aquarius, Tuff Gong by Crucial Bunny, Errol Brown and Steven Stewart, stellar line-ups such as Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace and Sly Dunbar on Drums and people like Dean Fraser, Sky Juice Blake, Deadly Headly and Robbie Shakespeare on instruments make up a set of special cuts, in dub format.

Some of these were previously released o LP's such as Mini Bus Driver by Voice of Progress, and Don Carlos' 'Harvest Time' LP, whereas other tracks were previously unreleased as instrumental cuts.

It's dubwise from start to finish, a deeper introspection into the sounds of Kingston through to the UK - a great compilation and well worth it's pounds!

Side A:
Conductor Of Dub
Land Of Dub
Dub Of Killamanjaro
Dub Ah Bite
Employed By Dub

Side B:
Dub That Gun
Princess & The Dub
Journey To Dub
Dub Of Love
Postiveness With Dub

Conductor Of Dub

Land Of Dub / Dub Of Killamanjaro

Dub Ah Bite! / Employed By Dub

Dub That Gun