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Flame 2 - Dive / Rain


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Flash attack of brand new Bug & Burial material on the Bug's PRESSURE imprint - this time operating as Flame 2 (Flame 1 graced the first disc on the label).

this one came completely out of the blue, with a very first audio-sighting happening on Mary Anne Hobbs's show literally just earlier today -
we got an email granting permission for the early pre-order on this one (big thanks to The Bug for this) and here it is:

As you'd expect, the record is a craft of absolutely bone-chilling skeletal dub cinematix and grinding low frequency.... Dive is sounding like a slow motion volcano explosion in the middle of the antarctic - a beautifully harrowing depiction of the end... Natural disaster described in sound.

As for the B Side... This one is r-e-a-l-l-y h-e-a-v-y... Slow, hellish steppers meets brain freezing, ice-cold ambience. Like the last slow dance before we sink into the depths for good.
This one is for the slo-mo body-shock crew.

Act quick if you'd like one, very limited quantities available!