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Flava D - GSH001


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Butterz White Label Business from the dancefloor don Flava D.

Rhythm & Gash will be why everyone's here - this is a classic for sure and made without one bit of pretension, strictly waistline business. Flava D switches the formula up just enough with a half-time fake out in the mid-way section before launching back into it's addictive blend of candy-drop vocals and skippy drums.

The other two tunes here see Flava pushing a jazzier side of herself, full of lush chords and semi-acoustic instrumental layering. The tempo drops and the more pensive mood takes over, tying a nice knot on the package after it's slapped you in the face...

White label business, no frills, hurry up.

Rhythm & Gash (Flava D Remix)