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Flexi, Blendi & Adopo: Wirr 1

Atelier Records

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Moody, industrialized acid cuts via Atelier Records -

Imported via the sex tags HQ, this minimalist 12" (both sonically and visually - the only hint on the artwork is the number '1') spreads its legs across four tracks, each one focussing on machinist low-end, tinged in an acid bath, decomposing, with fragile drum patterns kicking through the slime and poison, revealing distant voices and washed out melodies...

It's a solid run of like-minded tracks throughout, the destiny and aim is clear... if there's some sort of upliftment in the midst of the angst, it has to be the intro to Adopo's last cut - a short gasp of air and light in the midst of the uncompromising journey through the fog.

This record has guts, and it's intended for those who can stomach it!


Stickered black sleeve.

A1. Adopo

A: Blendi

B1: Adopo

B2: Adopo