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Floating Points - Faruxz / Marilyn


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Classic Floating Points material here. Marilyn and Faruxz are prime examples of why he's where he's at now - full of swing, soul and brimming with energy, these cuts are essential for any record collection.

Marilyn channels Flying Lotus in 'Disco Balls' or 'Do The Astral Plane Mode' - full of melody, jazz harmonies and gorgeous vocals to boot - a classic number and a guaranteed lifeline in the dance. Swing it up...

Faruxz is the obligatory half-step post-dubstep number that everyone made back when it was fashionable - only this track is actually really, really good. Preserving everything that makes Floating Points Great - gorgeous harmonic structures, fleeting synth cadenzas and his fantastic ear for swing and instrumental arrangement collide on this beauty of a flip side.