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Floating Points - Peoples Potential

Eglo Records

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Classic Floating Points on Eglo, Repressed! -

Floating points only release in 2010 on Eglo, a 12" that took the scene by storm... rightly so.

On the A side, Boogie-styled, jazzed out melodies, analogue synthlines and a swinging, funk driven beat drive this tune along in an unforgettable way - the pace is perfect and the melodies are sublime... a truly well crafted track, original house music.

On the flip, 'Shark Chase' might seem like a subtle, laid-back affair with it's subdued piano intro, but as soon as you are eased into it's flow, the piano is sucked away and a monstrously big sounding bassline takes control of the tune, sure to wake up the dancefloor in style, whenever, wherever it is dropped. Seriously big stuff.

This is dance music executed in an original, and stylish way... a proper modern day classic.If you've slept before don't miss out again!

Peoples Potential

Shark Chase