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Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie Ep

Eglo Records

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 Essential Floating Points Repress -

Vaccuum Boogie, Floating Points first release for Eglo Records, his second ep and quite possibly still his finest work to date.

The A side, 'Vaccum Boogie' a seriously inspirational piece of music.Cementing his reputation for expertly executed synthesis, fully-flowing musicality and a distinct style, this 12" stands out in the collection as a standout piece in the house-continuum, and a truly accomplished piece of music in it's own right.

A 12" that truly holds its own on the B side just as well as the A. One listen to this track and the melody will be circling your head for days.
The third track is the deepest in the bunch and by no means the weakest. Beautifully composed piano holds the groove whilst once again lush synths glide around the tracks peripheral...

The Vaccuum ep is one of the most uplifting 12's we've heard...touching on so many styles in such an elegant way this fantastic release, four years can still easily remain a paramount part in your record collection.

Vacuum Boogie


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