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Flørist ‎– Intermedia 1 EP

Baroque Sunburst

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Third instalment from the really promising Baroque Sunburst label (peep that Soreab EP on the site if you've not already) - This time with Florist at the controls.

Exploring a range of tempos and moods over three tracks, the A side 'Headrush' is a flurry of staccato drums and percs bound together by dreamlike pads and hissing atmospherics. Deceptively simple and no doubt deadly in the blend.

The theme of exploring tempo, mood and structure is explored further through the 2 untitled cuts on the flip - as the label themselves say - "Intermedia 1 is architectural music where every detail is essential and everything is constantly developing."...

Served up with some killer artwork by Paolo Bazzana a photo insert by Flavia Serrão & Otto Von Lumi in a die-cut, sticker sealed sleeve.

Edition of 300.


Track 2

Track 3