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Flying Lotus - You're Dead!


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The fifth album from FlyLo! -

One of the most hotly tipped and appreciated beatmakers to come from LA in recent years launches his latest effort with the afterlife themed 'You're Dead!' on the mighty Warp Records.
Flying Lotus finds closer connection and musical ties to his family members, the jazz legends Alice Coltrane and John Coltrane with this Album, picking up on a similar score that 'Until The Quiet Comes' laid down.

Served across two discs, the latest from Flying Lotus moves further away from his early D.I.Y. home-producton style, into 'musically accomplished' territory.
From the various instrumentalists and singers (Even featuring a few vocal's from the man himself) - Over the course of the tracks, we find appearances from Kendrick Lamar to Herbie Hancock, through to Snoop Dogg -  a big array of musicians were called in to combine efforts for this piece, it's a real melting pot of flavours, from the tripped-out jazz to the psychadelic hip-hop, the inclusion of the various session musicians and engineers really sets this LP apart from FlyLo's early work... 'You're Dead!' further marks a departure from the rugged, impromptu aesthetic of his earlier work, moving him into classier circles and heightened musicianship in many aspects...

With each track cut close enough for it to bridge coherently into the next, it's a wild-ride through fluorescent-blue scales, off-kilter harmonies and straight-up beats.
It's a very involving listen, the amount of layers and shifts during the course of the Album are immense, it's clearly an accomplished set of tracks... one of those Records you can listen to countless times, still picking out new bits on each listen.

Here it is!

Served in a mad-colourful, glossy gatefold sleeve, with printed inner sleeves, designed by Stephen Serrato, featuring illustrations from Japan's 'Shintaro Kago'.

Includes download card.

3."Cold Dead"
4."Fkn Dead"
5."Never Catch Me" (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
6."Dead Man's Tetris" (featuring Captain Murphy and Snoop Dogg)
7."Turkey Dog Coma"
8."Stirring"   Ellison, Jeff Lynn
9."Coronus, the Terminator"   Ellison, Niki Randa
10."Siren Song" (featuring Angel Deradoorian)
12."Ready err Not"
13."Eyes Above"
14."Moment of Hesitation"
15."Descent Into Madness" (featuring Thundercat)
16."The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep" (featuring Captain Murphy)
17."Obligatory Cadence"
18."Your Potential//The Beyond" (featuring Niki Randa)
19."The Protest"

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