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Footsie - Scars EP


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Three bigshots from back in the day, finally out there! -

Butterz do the right thing, after forming a link with Footsie and D Double E, they decide to honour three of Footsie's finest unreleased instrumentals, loaded with lyrics from Newham Generals crew and Wiley.
For years these were to be heard on London's Pirate radio frequencies, especially of course the Newham Generals slot with DJ Tubby on Rinse that was held between 2005-2012.

Kicking off with Scars on the A side, and backed up with more gullyness on the B Side with 'Prangman Remix' and 'Move To The Beat' - this is grime exactly how we like it, from an era where it was all about the vibes, it was a hype thing but it was underground and fully real. Our favourite lyrical quote from this is from Footsie, over his own instrumental 'This tune is called 'Scars', I built it when I was chillin in my yard, I made it on Cubase 'cos I find Logic hard'.

Pressed in limited edition, on a high-quality disc and served in a printed sleeve, containing some words on the background of the release, from the label boss Elijah himself. Be quick off the mark if you want one!

Scars ft. D Double E, Monkstar & Wiley

Move To The Beat ft. D Double E

Prangman Remix ft. Bruza, D Double E, Monkstar, NXUS, Spliffy Ranger & Wiley