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Forest Drive West - Persistence of Memory

Hidden Hawaii

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Forest Drive West cements his place as one of the best new producers to emerge in the last couple of years with his strongest mission statement yet, Persistence of Memory.

Like the label it's released on, Hidden Hawaii, Persistence of Memory focusses on rhythmic manipulation. Across mercurial genre boundaries, FDW uses a singular approach that unifies these three beat excursions with an emphasis on subtle, complex cross-rhythms and a knack for organically morphing atmospheres.

We essentially get three modes here: the slowly shifting Livity-esque POM 1; the harder but similarly tempoed POM 2; and finally on the flip, the junglist excursion POM 3, showcasing a style first hinted at with the Jungle Crack EP released last year.

This has been selling like hell in the shops, and you can tell why - beyond the subtleties of the sound design and rhythmic composition are three brilliant dance music tracks that have as broad an appeal as they do a singular sound. There seems to be only one direction for FDW from here; onwards an upwards.


Persistence of Memory 1

Persistence of Memory 2

Persistence of Memory 3