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Forest Drive West - Set Free EP


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Absolute heat from Forest Drive West, double pack business on Rupture LDN.

Not one to stick to one genre, Forest Drive West fires off a bloody good 5 tracker of ruffneck D&B for Rupture - referencing classic Bassbin, Inperspective & subvert Central releases and harnessing that mush missed drumfunk sound.

If you're a fan of Paradox, Fracture & Neptune, Ed Rush and the like, or simply, love well crafted drums and snarling basses, this record is for you - clearly made by someone with a deep understanding and passion of Drum N Bass, it's a pleasure from start to finish - standout tracks for us, and one's that have been getting a hammering on the office stereo are 'Prism' & 'Never For Tomorrow', utterly deep and utterly deadly - this EP's a killer!

Set Free


Never For Tomorrow

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